Outreach Program with Chris Hani

Today we launched our Outreach Program for 2017! We have partnered with Chris Hani Secondary School and Springfield Convent School.

Marimba Jam began as a similar outreach project that aimed to break socio-economic barriers between students through African Marimba Music. This year, we are able to continue in achieving this goal and will be able to include the Chris Hani Girl Marimba Band in our annual Marimba Jam Festival!

Chris Hani is an “Arts and Culture focus School” situated in Khayelitsha. Our lessons are based at Springfield and some of our senior students are able to help lead these sessions. This allows the opportunity for relationships to develop between the learners.

Thanks to the profits from last year’s Marimba Jam Festival and the generous donations towards this project, we were able to make this possible!