Marimba Jam Professional Band Bookings

Download our 2018 Rates Package here: 2018 Rates Package

UCT Law Faculty Graduation 2016

UCT Law Faculty Graduation 2016

We offer a 4-piece, 5-piece and a Corporate Marimba Band for occasions such as weddings, private functions, fundraisers, corporate dinners, conferences etc.

The 4-piece band consists of 3 Marimbas (Alto, Tenor and Bass marimba) and an accompanying African Djembe drum. This is the perfect option if you require light, background entertainment.

The 5-piece band consists of the 3 Marimbas, the African Djembe drum, as well as, an accompanying full drum-kit. This is the perfect option if you seek a vibrant performance, with more emphasis on the presence of the band.

Our Corporate band consists of 4 marimbas (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass marimbas) as well as an accompanying full drum-kit.

We also offer a community fee for NGO’s, fundraisers etc. If you feel that your event falls into this category- please email us proof of NGO status or a motivational letter to receive a quote.

We offer a variety of workshops and team-building sessions to meet your specific needs. Our workshops are facilitated by our trained Marimba Jam Teachers who strive to create an energetic and fun environment.

We provide high energy sessions for all age-groups. This is the perfect option if you are looking for a once-off team-building activity for your colleagues, employees, student groups, prefect groups, arts&culture clubs etc. that is both fun and productive.