Marimba and Music Tuition

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Our company provides a teaching service at schools in Cape Town. Each of our teachers is trained in the African Marimbas and has graduated from our Marimba Jam Teachers Training Course.

Schools are expected to provide their own marimbas and our teachers travel to and from the respective schools for each lesson. (If your school does not yet have marimbas, please contact us for alternative options or for our manufacturer’s details)

Each band has one lesson a week and schools can have more than one band. Schools are also responsible for organising performance opportunities for their bands, although we do invite all of the bands that we teach to our annual events:  MARIMBA JAM FESTIVAL and MARIMBA JAM EISTEDDFOD.

Marimbas are very popular in Cape Town and our school group option allows for great team building opportunities as well as exposure to the gift of music. Students in these groups are not expected to read music or to have played another musical instrument before. The focus of these groups is to create energetic and passionate marimba performances that truly demonstrate the vibrant atmosphere of African Music.



Our private lessons are for individual students. These are for anyone who wants a broader Marimba Tuition. These lessons are more focused on developing the technical skills of the learner and increasing their musical knowledge.

We work on a level system with these learners and hold EXTERNAL MARIMBA JAM LEVEL EXAMS every 6 months. These encourage the learners to work hard and achieve the goals of each level. 

This program is available at select schools in Cape Town for students who wish to take the African Marimba as their subject instrument for matric. Individuals are welcome to take private lessons with us as an extra-curricular. These private lessons take place at Springfield Convent School in Wynberg.