Open Streets Woodstock

Open Streets is an inspired initiative that aims to bring the community into the streets. This time, Main Road in Woodstock was closed to traffic and opened to the public. Marimba Jam has partaken in various Open Streets projects in Cape Town since 2015, and it is always a festive and vibrant experience!

Marimba Jam was joined by two of our student bands on the day- “Beats and Buns” from Wynberg Girls’ High School and “Hakuna Matata” from Springfield Convent. Our students made us proud by keeping their energy throughout the day and jamming beautifully with our Marimba Jam members!

Don’t miss out on the next Open Streets Project- it truly is a great opportunity to experience the community coming together and sharing their talents!


Heritage Day Celebrations

Marimba Jam joined in on the celebration of Heritage Day on the 24th of September 2017.The band met together at the Iziko museum to bring music to all who were visiting that day.

We began at 10am, performing outside- allowing for the public to sing and dance along to our vibrant African Marimba tunes. Children gathered and we used this as an opportunity to teach the South African Youth some Marimba. Later on, we moved our setup and played inside the museum next to the whale exhibit.

It was a lovely day to bring music to all in celebration of our country, unifying the diverse cultures of South Africa with music. It was a wonderful experience to celebrate with others who also love their country.

We thank all who joined us during the day!

Marimba Jam Festival 2017

This year, our second annual Marimba Jam Festival took place at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on the 17th August 2017.

Over 200 female learners from around Cape Town gathered together to perform the African Marimbas. The energy on stage was overwhelming- particularly in the mass items. The festival consisted of a variety of performances from various school groups, ranging from Traditional African tunes to the latest Pop songs.

The Junior Mass Item concluded the first half of the evening. 100 young learners, many of whom were performing for the first time, played No More Tears (amaAmbush) and Tshosholoza (Ndebele Folk Song) together on stage. The Senior Mass Item ended the Festival and involved all participants of the show. Mbube/The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Solomon Linda), Qongqothwane/Click Song (Xhosa Traditional Song) and Ashanti (Kiara Ramklass) were the three items performed- each with a mass of energy, lively singing and dancing from all our learners.

Thanks to the profits from our first Marimba Jam Festival in 2016, we were able to start our first Outreach Group with 13 girls from Chris Hani Arts and Culture School in Khayelitsha earlier this year. This year’s festival was this group’s first performance and they did not disappoint!

Our Marimba Jam Performing Band played three items, each arranged by our own Rachel Suttle, namely: Great Heart (Johnny Clegg), Lord of the Dance (Irish Folk Song) and Special Star (Mango Groove). Special Star featured four guest artists- Lauren McDonald (Violin), Bianca van der Westhuizen (Tenor Saxophone), Julianne van Zuydam (Penny Whistle) and Dimpho Fatman (Vocals).

We would like to thank each of our students for the time, effort and commitment that they put into this year’s Festival- we are so proud of your incredible performances. Thank you to our teachers, band members and volunteers- without you, the show would not have been a success.

We would also like to thank the following schools and people for their support in this year’s Marimba Jam Festival:

Springfield Convent School, Wynberg Girls’ High School, Wynberg Girls’ Junior School, St Cyprian’s School and Chris Hani Arts and Culture School. Ross Johnson, Nomsa Mpofu, Colleen Hart, Bridgitte Franke, Marianne Martens, Dizu Plaatjies, Konica Minolta, Carl Anthony and Zoe Stevens.

A special thank you to DrummingSA for donating 100 djembe drums for the mass items and to the Joseph Stone Auditorium and the EON Group for allowing us to host our Festival at your venue.

See you all next year!

See our official photos from the festival here:

Music For Madiba

Thanks to Smile 90.4FM, Mandela Day was celebrated in every corner of Cape Town by filling the city with music. Marimba Jam had the privilege of being a part of the Music for Madiba initiative by spending our 67 minutes on Sea Point Promenade sharing our music with anyone that would listen. Not only was it a day spent raising funds towards music development for underprivileged children, but it was clear that the spirit of unity was felt by all throughout Cape Town. It was an incredible opportunity to honour Nelson Mandela by sharing our talent with the public.
Thank you to everyone that contributed to the donations and to all that came to watch, we had a blast! A special thanks to Smile 90.4FM for organizing this mass busking event- we hope for it to continue for years to come!

Smile 90.4 fm

Music for Madiba is an initiative created by Smile 90.4 fm for this year’s Mandela Day (Tuesday 18th July). 67 buskers in 67 locations around Cape Town making Music for Madiba for 67 minutes!

Marimba Jam is taking part in this project- we will be located on Sea Point Promenade from 12:00 to 13:07.

The funds raised during these 67 minutes will go towards music development for underprivileged children.

On Thursday 13th July 2017, we made our way to the Smile fm studio and got to jam with the Smile team- going on live at 9:50 am. This was a great experience and we cannot wait to make our Music for Madiba!


Our second annual Marimba Jam Festival will be taking place on Thursday 17th August 2017 at the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone!

This year, we will have over 200 learners performing from various schools around Cape Town. Thanks to the profits from last year’s festival, Marimba Jam has been able to start our Outreach Group from Chris Hani Secondary School who will also be performing.

You can book your tickets at Tickets are limited, so we encourage you to book your tickets soon.

Tickets are priced at R100 per adult and R50 per student.

Featured: Marimba Jam, Chris Hani Secondary, Springfield Convent, Wynberg Girls’ High, Wynberg Girls’ Junior, Grove Primary, St. Cyprians.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Africa Day at Artscape

Marimba Jam had the honour of performing at The Artscape Theatre Centre, Thursday, 25 May, as part of the Africa Day celebrations!

The event was organised by the Western Cape Government and Assitej as a part of the Cradle for Creativity project. Marimba Jam partnered with Assitej earlier this year for this initiative that aims to inspire the South African Youth through the arts.

Delegates from around the world gathered at the Artscape for the congress and were treated to a spectacular performance after the speeches. Marimba Jam collaborated with a traditional djembe group,  a drum-line as well as a African- Traditional choir for an outside performance. This high-energy parade of events attracted hundreds and the spirit of South African unity was ever-present throughout the festivities.

The theme for Africa Day 2017 was “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth”. Here at Marimba Jam, we strive to enhance the lives of the South African youth through the gift of music. We teach over 100 learners on a weekly basis, many of whom have never had any other musical training. Our outreach program allows students from different socio-economic backgrounds to build relations through their love of the African Marimbas.

We are proud to have been a part of the Africa Day celebrations for 2017!