Marimba Jam had the honour of performing at The Artscape Theatre Centre, Thursday, 25 May, as part of the Africa Day celebrations!

The event was organised by the Western Cape Government and Assitej as a part of the Cradle for Creativity project. Marimba Jam partnered with Assitej earlier this year for this initiative that aims to inspire the South African Youth through the arts.

Delegates from around the world gathered at the Artscape for the congress and were treated to a spectacular performance after the speeches. Marimba Jam collaborated with a traditional djembe group,  a drum-line as well as a African- Traditional choir for an outside performance. This high-energy parade of events attracted hundreds and the spirit of South African unity was ever-present throughout the festivities.

The theme for Africa Day 2017 was “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth”. Here at Marimba Jam, we strive to enhance the lives of the South African youth through the gift of music. We teach over 100 learners on a weekly basis, many of whom have never had any other musical training. Our outreach program allows students from different socio-economic backgrounds to build relations through their love of the African Marimbas.

We are proud to have been a part of the Africa Day celebrations for 2017!




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