Great News: Marimba Jam now offers private marimba training for individuals.


These lessons are for anyone who wants a broader Marimba Tuition. They are more focused on developing the technical skills of the learner and increasing their musical knowledge. We welcome all age groups from beginners to more advanced. No prior marimba training is necessary.

We work on a level system with these learners and have practical tests every two terms. These encourage the learners to work hard and achieve the goals of each level.

 Most of our individual students are invited to join our Marimba Jam Learners Group Ensemble after their first test. This allows our individual students to get the full African Marimba experience, whilst still being able to grow substantially as an individual marimba player.

We organise a few performance opportunities for our private learners and groups throughout the year- including our annual MARIMBA JAM FESTIVAL which is the highlight of the year!

 Our private lessons take place at Springfield Convent School, which is based in St John’s Road in Wynberg.

Download our 2017 Rates Package here: 2017-rates-package


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